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Generators in Northfield NJ 08225

Northfield NJ 08225 Generators

At Brighter Electric Service, we provide Generators in Northfield NJ 08225 (including Generac Generators) for homes and businesses.

We are an Authorized Generac Generator Sales & Service contractor in the Northfield NJ area, and a Certified Factory Technician up to 150KW. We install, replace, service and maintain generators.

With summer storms and winter weather, a back-up power system is essential for Northfield property owners. Brighter Electric Service provides Northfield home and business owners with guidance in selecting a whole house backup generator with the capacity required to maintain essential power for your particular needs. Generators are not necessarily one size fits all!

We provide turnkey installation for Generac standby generators in Northfield NJ. Whether it's for a home or business, we have you covered! 8 out of 10 consumers prefer a Generac Standby Generator to provide them with power when their electric goes out, so make sure when you choose your generator, that you go with the best brand in the industry!

Benefits of a Whole House Generator in Northfield NJ

Having an automatic standby generator for your Northfield home or business pays for itself the first time power goes out, with 24/7 automatic standby protection. With whole house generators fueled by natural gas or propane (we also handle all-natural gas piping and electrical connections), it alleviates the need to refill a gasoline tank (which is typical of portable generators).

The benefits of having Brighter Electric Service install your Northfield NJ standby generator include:

On average there are at least 6 hurricanes in the Northfield NJ area per year, 3 of which are categorized as major. The Atlantic Hurricane Season is from June to November. That's a lot of chances for your Northfield home or business to lose electrical power! Not to mention ice and snow storms in the winter! Call or text Brighter Electric Service at 609-226-4696 now for all your Northfield NJ Generator needs.

Northfield NJ 08225 Generators />

Generators in Northfield NJ 08225

Generators in Northfield NJ 08225

Generators in Northfield NJ 08225